General Services

Land interest Regularisation and Perfection (Land Administration)

BMA Surveys provides Facilitation and Registration services. The firm has in-depth knowledge in the processes of document registration and interest registration; as such BAM provides, but not limited to; consultancy services for;
⦁ Property acquisition Advise
⦁ demarcation and description.
⦁ Legal (procedural) advisory and consultancy
⦁ Deed, Indenture Preparation and Registration
⦁ Stamping procedures at Lands Commission and it’s allied services.
⦁ Regularisation and Perfection of Land Titles

Property Data BankLand & Aerial Surveying

BMA Surveys provides surveying and mapping services; with the use of modern and precision-based equipment. BMA surveys provide land mapping with Traditional Land GPS and modern aerial and satellite mapping techniques for a variety of needs;
⦁ Land Registration demarcation and boundary maps (Cadastral)
⦁ Farm Land Mapping Plans
⦁ Construction Boundary and Layout plans
⦁ Topographical and land Height plan
⦁ Hydrological Flow maps
⦁ Asset Identification

Fixed and Movable Asset Valuation and Preparation of Assets Register

BMA follows the practices of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, Ghana institution of Engineers, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (UK), and Ghana Institute of Construction, amongst others to provide professional advisory services for all manner of property and assets. BMA is specialised in the Valuation and Preparation of Valuation and Asset register reports for;
⦁ Land and Buildings
⦁ Plant and Machinery
⦁ Office Furniture and Equipment
⦁ Farms and Plantations
⦁ Valuation for Rating

Property Data Banking

BMA introduces Property Data Banking; a virtual storehouse and repository of data on land and property parcels and their various attributes as a resource for the industry to ensure accuracy and standardization of information relevant to real estate transactions and ownership in Ghana. Data compiled ranges from;
⦁ Property Construction Component Index
⦁ Property Depreciation and Defect valuation index
⦁ Property Sale and Transaction index
⦁ Property Valuation index
⦁ Land Sale averages
⦁ Mortgage Valuation Valuation Repository and Index

Estate Agency

BMA Surveys Consults provides Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agro property management and Sales services. With a modern database of agents and brokers. BMA has placed itself in the league of Sales & Marketers of property across the sub-region of West Africa to facilitate land and property sales and mortgage transactions. BMA also provides property management services to a variety of clients ranging from;
⦁ Home Cleaning and Housekeeping services
⦁ Industrial and Harazdous material management services
⦁ Clinical and Bio-Waste management services
⦁ Property Lettings